The Hesslebach Story

HK Kim was a master of metals. For years, he crafted beautiful and strong items that people from many countries wanted. His creations, from intricate horse accessories to parts for the world's fastest trains, were sought after globally.

When his beloved wife was diagnosed with cancer, HK Kim's world turned upside down. He watched her battle the illness, and in his heart grew a burning desire to help. He realized that healing began at home, particularly in the kitchen. Good health, he believed, started with the purity of what we eat and how we cook it.

But there was a problem. Most cookware, even the ones labeled 'safe', had hidden dangers. They rusted, released harmful chemicals, or altered the taste of food. This wasn't what HK Kim wanted for his wife, especially when she needed the purest, healthiest meals.

With determination and love fueling his every move, he embarked on a mission. Drawing from decades of experience, he birthed the Hesslebach Dutch Oven. Crafted with PuraSteel™ and coated with a special ceramic called PuraCotta™, it was unlike any other. No rust, no toxins, just pure, untainted food.

His wife's battle with cancer and his unwavering love for her became the soul of Hesslebach. Today, every piece of Hesslebach cookware carries this legacy - a promise of health, love, and the best that innovation can offer.

Meet Our Family


The Front Lines

Our artisans have honed their skills over many years, with their expertise nurtured through a cherished tradition of mentorship. From working on the frontline, braving the heat to create perfection, they've mastered the intricate art of melding. Their pride and joy shine through every product, a tangible result of their dedication and hard work. With a legacy of trust and craftsmanship, our artisans are delighted to bring you the fruits of their labor


In the Shadows

In the realm of continuous improvement, our experts have tirelessly navigated through trials and errors. Armed with a wealth of data accumulated over the years, they've dedicated themselves to researching and developing the safest materials and methods. Their goal? To introduce a new wave of innovation that not only safeguards your well-being but also elevates your health-conscious choices. With every endeavor, our commitment to your health stands strong."

Hesslebach's Mission

Guided by our founder's passion and dedication, we are committed to crafting cookware that prioritizes health, safety, and unmatched quality. We aim to educate households about the importance of non-toxic cooking and to provide them with tools that stand the test of time, all while preserving the true essence of every dish.

Certified at 5 Independent Labs