Environmental Policy

The environmental perspective is integrated into all functions at Hesslebach

In the production as well as in the use of Hesslebach cookware the environmental perspective plays a significant part. Excess materials are recycled in production and by doing this, nature is preserved in the best way.

Environmental policy

Hesslebach A/S manufactures and markets Hesslebach cookware and seeks to be the leading international brand in South Korea for clean and non-toxic cooking in the kitchen. We manufacture products of the highest quality taking into consideration both environmental and social responsibilities.


Hesslebach will include the environmental perspective in all decision-making. We pay the closest attention to recycling and conscious consumption of natural resources as well as making a happy and safe working environment.

Policy objective:

In the light of its vision, Hesslebach will handle natural resources respectfully such as

*as a minimum, fulfill legal requirements and other requirements to prevent environmental risks that the company has committed itself to

*seek to reduce the amount of energy used per manufactured unit

*seek to reduce the impact on its environment such as industrial discharge and waste

Hesslebach is certified according to the quality standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (environment), and ISO 45001 (work environment).

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