Clean Process All The Way

"Our in-house experts and artisans oversee every step of the process, from mixing raw materials to the finishing touches of the product. This includes melding premium quality materials, casting the body, fusing it with our proprietary PuraCotta Solution, and polishing as the final touches. Ensuring quality control from start to finish."

Manufacturing Process

Melding / Casting

Expertise meets artistry as our craftsmen meticulously meld PuraSteel™, infusing it with their knowledge and passion. Feel the tangible dedication as they cast this into each product, creating cookware that's not just a tool, but a culinary partner designed exclusively for you."

Craftsmen with 50 years of experience in melding and casting


Witness the evolution as PuraCotta™ fuses seamlessly into every inch of our cookware, surpassing mere surface coating. This combination of innovation and craftsmanship redefines culinary excellence, promising a cooking experience that's pure, safe, and unmatched in every way

Finishing Touches

Precision Casting

A meticulous process that defines the Hesslebach difference. From double polishing to three high-temperature firings, and two ultrasonic cleansing, every step is a testament to our dedication.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

To ensure the highest standard of cleanliness, Hesslebach products are cleansed through state-of-the-art nano ultrasonic wave technology instead of chemicals, which leaves no room for impurities.

Why I Made Hesslebach

"Hi, my name is HK Kim. I made Hesslebach because I wanted to give my family the safest and healthiest cooking experience. Discover the full story behind the creation of the world's most premium cookware."