Nature’s armor for modern kitchens

Hesslebach products feature a smooth, non-stick surface that facilitates effortless cooking and cleaning. Unlike conventional cookware demanding frequent upkeep, Hesslebach's offerings are exceptionally durable and require minimal maintenance. What sets our PuraCotta coatings apart is their 100% ceramic composition, crafted solely from carefully selected minerals. Through our innovative methodology, these coatings seamlessly integrate with the PuraSteel™ body, ensuring they won't peel off over time.

PuraCotta™ is the outcome of our dedication to innovative, robust materials. It's designed for those who seek reliability and longevity in challenging environments. With PuraCotta, expect a new standard of ceramic coating strength and resilience.

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Description of Material

Crafted with a mixture of 23 selected minerals, PuraCotta is 100% ceramic that brings you the solutions to your problems.


Lab tested and verified by international institutions and organizations: Korea testing & Research Institute(KTR), SGS, KOTITI, MSDS,  and MFDS.