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For the past five decades, I have dedicated my life to the manufacturing of stainless steel. From crafting stainless steel equipment featured in the movie 'Lord of the Rings' to supplying equestrian gear for Olympic tournaments and contributing to hotel construction in Las Vegas, I've experienced success and grown a respected company. Over the years, I've fulfilled requests to produce parts for stainless steel cookware, supplying renowned brands like All Clad, Lagostina, and Fissler.

Having spent more than 50 years crafting and manufacturing for others, a recent loss and a profound realization about the impact of creation prompted me to embark on a new journey. This led to the creation of Hesslebach, my first independent venture. It symbolizes my commitment to positively impacting lives by offering clean and safe cookware.

Reflecting on my experiences, I sought to identify issues with contemporary cookware and explored potential solutions. I discovered a significant gap in the availability of non-toxic cookware. This realization fueled my decision to create a cookware line that addresses this problem.

Over the past couple of years, I assembled a team of researchers and experts from national organizations to develop a solution. Through extensive research and experimentation, we proudly present the first 'Cast Stainless Steel Dutch Oven.' The journey to this innovation was challenging, marked by years of trial and error. Eventually, we formulated PuraSteel™, an advancement of SUS316 stainless steel that is compatible with all heat sources while retaining health benefits. Additionally, we introduced PuraCotta™, a 100% ceramic coating solution composed of premium minerals, undergoing a fusion process that ensures the coating remains crack-free, rust-free, and highly durable.

As the CEO of Hesslebach, I am honored to present these innovations that not only meet but exceed the standards of clean and safe cookware, reflecting a lifetime of dedication to excellence in the stainless steel industry.


Hyun Ku Kim

Our Stories

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