Stainless Steel to PuraSteel™

At the heart of Hesslebach cookware lies our premium stainless steel body. Through advancements in SUS316 stainless steel, we've engineered a cooking-grade stainless steel renowned for its exceptional performance. With heightened resistance to corrosion, our cookware remains rust-free even in the presence of acidic ingredients and salt-induced rust. Built to withstand high temperatures and daily use, our cookware boasts remarkable durability. Our proprietary material, meticulously crafted into thin casts, ensures even heat distribution and rapid heat conductivity for superior cooking results.

PuraSteel™ is the outcome of our dedication to innovative, robust materials. It’s designed for those who seek reliability and longevity in challenging environments. With PuraSteel™, expect a new standard of stainless steel strength and resilience.

Description of materials

Crafted by melding SUS316 stainless steel with exclusive premium materials, PuraSteel™ epitomizes innovation at its finest.


Lab tested and verified by international institutions and organizations: Korea testing & Research Institute (KTR), SGS, KOTTI, MSDS, and MFDS.

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