Dutch Oven

Ideal for versatility and performance, the Hesslebach dutch oven provides a wide array of cooking methods including browning, roasting, stewing, baking, and much more!

Sale price$249.00
Color: Buttercream
Size: 16cm / 6inch

It only takes 2.5 minutes for a traditional non-stick pan on high heat to exceed 500° and begin releasing forever chemicals.

We are safe up to 650°F

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Non-Toxic Materials

Our 100% ceramic cooking surface is free of toxic materials for guilt-free cooking. Undergone our fusion process, the harmful particles are incinerated under 1,475°F three times to ensure a coat that does not peel and harmful particles to be exposed in your meals.

Easy Maintenance

The premium 100% ceramic finish allows for easy clean-up and quicker cooking. All you need to do after cooking a messier meal is rinse with water or wipe out with a damp cloth then stick it in a dishwasher.

*Does NOT require any seasoning*

No Seasoning

Our PuraSteel™ solution elevates your kitchen experience with enhanced corrosion resistance and rust protection. In addition, our cookware eliminates the need for seasoning, providing you with less effort and greater convenience in the kitchen.

We believe non-toxic cooking materials and thoughtful designs lead to cleaner cooking. Better Materials. Better Results.

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Rust-Free Construction

No under-lid screws for Hesslebach. Its screw-free design eliminates the risk of rust and food entrapment, offering you a safer, cleaner cooking experience.

Long-lasting Durability

Hesslebach is chip-resistant, never rusts, and demands no seasoning, unlike cast iron cookware. It’s meticulously crafted to be entirely free of heavy metals like iron, arsenic, lead, mercury, and more.

Excellent Heat Control

Features exceptional heat distribution and retention, cooking the ingredients thoroughly and evenly.

Compatible with all heat sources: Gas, Electric, Halogen, Ceramic, Induction, Oven, Broiler.

Exceptional Moisture Control

With a heavy weight, tight-fitting lid that locks in moisture and flavor. The lid has no screws inside; therefore, it's compelety clean and safe for simmering, basting, and slow-cooking.

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